Why should you trust us?

Our team has successfully worked within the professional service industry for blue chip companies for several decades and understands that protection of your brand is paramount. We will never outsource your account to any other third party unless you explicitly request us to do this in writing. We are happy to provide client references so you may check the quality of our service directly with them.  Nobody is forcing you to use our services. It is entirely up to you.

What will we do differently?

We ask the question in reverse – why do you have high outstanding receivables?

We have more effective results persuading clients to use our services when our initial approach is to senior management not directly involved in day to day collection activities. Similar to many outsourcing companies, existing employees often view using a third party as a criticism of their work. This is one of the largest barriers that needs to be overcome. We have a full time dedicated team of specialists whose only job is to constantly telephone, meet, write, and in some cases enforce legal proceedings.

We notify debtors within 48 hours that their account has been taken over by Carlton Asset Protection. We then go through an assessment phase to determine the reason why an account has not been paid. Once this has been established our team is instructed to pursue the debt relentlessly using Carlton Asset Protection’s collection program. We do not publicly divulge the full detail of this program on our website as it may compromise our collection results. We are however happy to talk through some of the main areas with respected clients only.


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