How do we get started?

All you need to do is sign a contract which enables both parties to begin. Neither party is financially committed once this is signed but it will enable you to use our services immediately when the need arises. Some clients automatically hand over certain aged accounts to us each month. Clients sometimes pick 5-10 debts of various ages and complexity and let us prove ourselves.

Who gets paid first?

The client. We want to improve your cashflow.

Do you take people to court?

In some cases, yes we can refer this to a law firm as this may be the only recommended course of action. Experience tells us that, the older the debt, the more difficult it is to collect, so we would consider this as the very last option to use. Court fees will need to be borne by the client.

However, we have many proven and effective ways of pervading debtor to pay outstanding debts before resolving to legal means.

What is the minimum and maximum debt amount you will work on?

We have a minimum amount of 15,000 USD per debtor.


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